For everyone who likes chocolate lab puppy pictures, I've taken a gazillion of them over the years Here are some past and present picture puppy picture pages, in no particular order. Text information on these pages is almost always outdated. Permssion is granted to download any chocolate lab puppy picture for personal use. Please contact me if you want to use my pictures for commercial gain. Dog pictures, (of our breeding stock and hunt test/field trial dogs), and any people pictures that may be incorporated within the puppy pictures remain the sole property of Stargate Kennels . Permission to download and use these dog photos for any purpose is prohibited with out prior written permission from Stargate Kennels.

Reduce your vet bills. Limit the number of procedures and the PAIN your pet has to endure. Get the VET BOOK. Read it and use Dr. Busby's recommendations. I do. I strongly recommend it! David Swiggum, Owner, Stargate Kennels.

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