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Updated 12/27/09
This is Sadie's 11.09.09 litter . Sired by BO.
Newborns 11.09.09 just hours old here.
48 hours old, noticably larger already. Mom has good milk. Puppies well fed.
Full bellies, now it's nap time. 4 days old here.
Mama is a good pillow 4 days old.
And breakfast time 5 days old.

Can't keep daughter Jacky out of the puppy pen! And these guys are
really a handful, more than double their birth size! Big solid puppies! 8 days old!
12 days old and just gorgeous! See larger photos.
Big chunky puppies. Many blocky heads. Averaging 2.5lbs. Their average birth weight was 15 oz, so approaching 300% gain in 12 days. Gonna be BIG I think! We are expecting eyes to open in the next few days. This pic was taken just after "lunch". Mostly sleeping, but some other business to attend to as well ;o). As of Nov 21, 1 female deposit and 5 male deposits available. Price, delivery and deposit info HERE.
Eyes are open! At least when they are not yawning. Puppy pen is getting fun, as these guys can now see where they're going. As of Nov 24, 1 female deposit and 4 male deposits available. Price, delivery and deposit info HERE.
Sadies puppies are now 18 days old. Sadie can stand up and nurse. Puppies are getting very active (of course now they can see stuff!) and are starting to play with toys and each other. Took some short video clips. Enjoy!

Clip 1 Mellow sleepy puppy pen, this is what we have most of the time.
Clip 2 Hmmmmm . . . we found a toy.
Clip 3 Active play.
Clip 4 Mama's coming! Think it's time to eat.
Clip 5 Lunch!!

Sadies puppies are now 20 days old. They got their first solid food today, softened kibble. Dove right in (literally) and polished off 2 dishes. Licked them clean.

And 20 minutes later we've got a dozen full bellies sound asleep.
Remind you of Thanksgiving dinner at your house? o;)

Sadies puppies are now 26 days old. They all have teeth. Soft kibble disappears
quickly. Sadie is almost done nursing, she doesn't appreciate puppy teeth? We
weighed the whole litter today, they average 5 1/4 lbs. At 26 days. WOW!

To see these pictures full size, click HERE.
Sadies puppies are now 31 days old. We've got haning toys in the puppy pen. We also have wood shavings as bedding, helps keep puppies clean. Puppy pen is a very busy place nowadays. Almost done nursing, we put Sadie in once a day to relieve pressure of milk in her teats, but milk production is slowing. Pups starting to eat hard dry kibble in addition to moist softened kibble.Some video clips

Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4
To see these pictures full size, click HERE.

Sadies puppies are now 5 weeks old. The round fuzzy puppies are disappearing. Bones are now growing faster than muscles. Coats are changing to a more sleek shiny hair. Average weight is over 7lbs! Going to be big puppies. Lots of blocky heads, even the girls look like their daddy. No more nursing, eating softend and hard kibble and drinking water. And the puppy pen is a very busy place, playing, fighting, chewing on each other and hollering for attention! Personalities are showing up, we can see the laid back pups, the adventurous, the dominant, and the most playful. They are really fun now to have around.

To see these pictures full size, click HERE

Sadies puppies are now almost 7 weeks old. The puppy pen literally shakes and rocks when they play. And the barking, and growling and hollering when someone has someones tail, you should hear! It's difficult to get close for pictures, I got lots of shots of gigantic noses! They are very curious now, everything is a chew toy (fingers too). Personalities are definitely developing. And they are huge fun!! BIG puppies!

3/4's of the litter is sold. Like what you see? Price, delivery and deposit info HERE.
Price, delivery and deposit info HERE.
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