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Sire is Gunner Steel

Dame is Cocoa

Buddy had a reaction to a puppy shot, giving him a condition called Puppy Strangles. He lost all the hair on his face and muzzle and swelled up terribly. He is recovered from the Puppy Strangles with no lasting effects and his hair is nearly all grown back.

This unpleasant condition resulted in his being held back from sale until he recovered. As luck would have it, Jim (his owner) who is an avid hunter, couldn't help but start him training to retrieve ducks. His training has been extremely successful. Jim says he's going to be an excellent retriever and would even do very well in trials.

Look at him go!

He's about 5 months old here. He was whelped in late April, 2002.

So for all you hunters, here's your next retriever.
Priced at $950 plus delivery.

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