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Kona Girl

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Her registered name is Kona Koffee Nut. Born May 11th, 2003, she is 4 years old. Sired by Gunner Steel, her dame is Hershey Cocoa Nut.

This girl loves her squeaky yellow football. We use it to call her when she's not paying attention, and as her playtime reward for being a good girl.

Kona is moderately athletic, her toy will entice her to jump. At 4 years old, good hips here!

She will fetch the tennis ball, very close now to "marking" and fetching on command. I have worked with her about 4 - 5 sessions, and with another 4-5 sessions I think she will mark without "popping up" and fetch on either voice or hand signal. Definitely a smart puppy.

She does not jump up on people without being invited. My girls are smaller folks, and they are very comfortable with Kona's manners.

She is housebroken, has never had an accident in our house since we have had her. However she is a bit spoiled, I'm pretty sure she's had plenty of hand fed treats in the past.

Kona came to us from folks who could no longer keep her. No evidence of abuse, but she was too heavy and out of condition, so I'm pretty sure she was not getting the attention and exercise that she needs. It's a good thing that they were considerate enough to bring her back.

She does have somewhat of an alpha personality. She needs to be top dog. I had her in with Rosie, and there was a short "discussion" as to which one of them was top dog. Rosie prevailed, but I kept them separated since. She does fine with a submissive dog like Roxie. So she should be the only dog, or if you have another puppy, he/she should be the submissive.

I think that Kona could hunt/retrieve, but I am not a hunter and have not tested her with a wing or a docken. She absolutely loves to fetch.

And sometime she love to play keep away, especially with her favorite squeaky toy.

When playtime is done, put her toys away and bring her in the house. She has good house manners, no chewing, jumping up, barking etc. She will chill out by my desk like the good girl she is.

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