New Puppy Owners
Chocolate Lab Puppies with their new families.
Some have had their puppies for quite a while.
Feel free to drop them a line.

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From: "john PETERSON" <>
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Subject: awesome dog
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 22:18:53 -0700
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Dear David,

           I am coming up on having my dog for five years. He has been a great companion. I recently went through a divorce. I had to make some arrangements to move into with my parents until the divorce was over. (enough with the personal problems) I was worried very much that my lab was not going to adapt to living with older people. He has been so kind and gentle around my parents. I am so relieved that he has been so good. I am looking in purchasing another dog from you in the future. Thank you so much for the great bloodline you produce.                                                                                                                                Thank you

                                                                                                                                   John Peterson

Subject: Brizzy '04 Litter -- Alpha Pup-#2 (July 2004)
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 13:01:16 -0800
Thread-Topic: Brizzy '04 Litter -- Alpha Pup-#2 (July 2004)
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From: "Gibbs, Tom" <>
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David -- It has been almost a year since we last sent a few pictures of our Stargate Kennel's addition to the Gibbs' family. Kahlua is developing as a world-class retriever and fantastic hunting partner. He is now about 18 months and weighs in at 101lbs. While some initially think he would be over-weight, once you see the pictures you'll notice the muscles in his legs and back. I have to say, this Chocolate is the best "tulley-buster" ever. Dropping a bird into the thick stuff does not slow him down. In fact, I have sent him after birds other's shot, but their dog couldn't get. I continue working to calm him down some -- he now weighs as much as my daughters. But with time, I am confident he will slow down a bit. I have attached a few recent pictures from an outing for your viewing enjoyment. We want to thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family and a great field companion for me.


Tom and Viki Gibbs
Roseville, Calif.

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From: Cindy Pawlcyn <>
Subject: Fwd: Booker
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 14:56:04 -0800

Hi David,

Sorry it has taken so long to get you a picture of Booker. Seems everyone in our greater extended families has been here to meet him. He's doing great, has won over all the cats and Dingo his 12 year old "sister". He has a massive collection of sticks and rocks plus just about every furry squeekie toy ever made. Shows no interest in your basic tennis ball and hasn't found any of my expensive shoes, so all is well. Keep us in mind if you have any returned. Best, Cindy & Marshall

Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:31:28 EST
Subject: Re: Puppy #1

Hi David,

We love our puppy! Her name is Kenya...although we're struggling with the rest of her name. Is there some kind of protocol regarding naming these babies? Everybody thinks she's beautiful and I've already passed on your name and web site to more than a few folks. Anyway, she is going to the vet today for her second set of shots, and we're still working on the potty training.

She finally started bringing her toys back for me to throw, for the longest she'd take them away and hide em! I kept reminding her that she's a retriever and is supposed to bring them back, and she'd laugh at me. I still have to keep more than one otherwise we have to stop playing until she brings them back. She knows how to sit, but doesn't like the brush quite yet. She's so funny cuz she tries to eat it/ actually she tries to eat everything and shows a certain affinity for shrubbery. Go figure!

She met a new friend yesterday (a 14 month old black lab) that lives down the street and was fascinated. Yomi was walking her and said she stopped in a tracks and refused to walk further until more investigation. The first dog she's hung out with and from all accounts, she had a ball!

We haven't received any paperwork from the other breeder regarding her AKC paperwork. What's the status of that? Here's more pictures of her with Yomi chilling.

BTW......she is so smart with Yomi and realizes already that some things I can do with her Yomi can't. She's not so gentle yet, but we're starting puppy kindergarten next week!



From: "Joey Ingram" <>
To: "David Swiggum" <>
Subject: My Lab Rocky
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 00:12:27 -0500
Seal-Send-Time: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 00:12:27 -0500

Hi David,
I wanted to update you on my labrador retriever " ROCKY" whose sire is Kona. Rocky is currently 3 `1/2 years old now and he is such an intelligent labrador retriever; he learns so quickly from humans and other dogs as well (some not so great habits from other dogs). Rocky is a puppy I purchased from you in June 2002 whom you brought to New York City on a very rainy and lightning thunderous evening; I`m sure this will recall your memory .

Rocky is really my pride and joy and I enjoy having him in my life. He has a genuine loving personality and he is always ready to play; although he is quite hyper. He enjoys walking on the beach and he loves SNOW.

 I`d wish one of Rocky`s litter mates was purchased also however my place is relatively small.

Thanks again,
Joey Ingram

ps, do you have any further info on Rocky`s mother, who comes from Seattle Washington. For a long time I really believed Rocky was from California, can you elaborate?

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From: "Brian Sheffield" <>
To: "David Swiggum" <>
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Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 19:14:20 -0700
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Thanks David. He's doing great, we named him Ruger. I just completed the
registration. Take care.


PS-I attached a couple Pics

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From: "jim and ang" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 13:29:30 GMT
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Hi David,

We would like to thank you for delivering our new pup, Hershey, to us Tuesday evening. He is absolutely the sweetest pup. His coat is the most rich chocolate we have ever seen. And that face and soulful eyes have won our hearts aleady.

He is becoming used to the crate and not peeing in the house as much as the first night. He is letting us know now when he needs to go out, or maybe it is that we are beginning to notice the signals he gives us.

He loves to wrestle, play fetch, and tug of war with his toys. He thinks he is the champ because we always let him win. He struts around with the toy he just won, like a champ in the ring. Too cute.

We will send you some pictures once we have downloaded them. We have taken a bunch!

Thanks again. We hope you had a better trip to Santa Barbara than down here to SD.

Jim and Angela Criscimagna

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Subject: 2 YEARS!
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 07:16:09 -0700
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From: "Cathrine Boskie" <>
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My dog, Jax, is turning 2 years old tomorrow!  He has been a real joyful addition to our family.  We are very active and he fits right in.  I have attached some pictures of him from the past few years.  Enjoy!

Thanks again,
Cathrine Boskie 

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From: Mark Ulriksen <>
To: David Swiggum <>
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Here it is a week later. We'll be gone from July 22nd to August 6th or
Let me know if this works for you.
We can be flexible on the second week.

Thanks, Leslie

On Tuesday, June 21, 2005, at 10:20 PM, David Swiggum wrote:

> Yes, I still do that for my customers. Let me know the dates you
> need. I
> think you will fall between my puppy trips.
> David
>> Hi David,
>> Just thought I'd throw this out to you. We have Henry, one of Rosie
>> and Kona's puppies. (I'm sure you remember us in
>> San Francisco, the neurotic ones!) We're going away for a couple
>> weeks
>> at the end of July and wondered if you would
>> still board one of your X puppies. I totally understand if this is
>> something that you do not do. Can't hurt to ask.
>> Here's a couple photo's of our guy!
>> Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:Henry copy.JPG 1 (JPEG/????)
>> (00038FAC)
>> Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:Miles & Henry.JPG 1 (JPEG/????)
>> (00038FAD)
>> Thanks,
>> Leslie Flores & Mark Ulriksen
> David Swiggum
> Stargate Kennels Breeding Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

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Subject: Update on our purchase
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 12:38:40 -0700
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Thread-Topic: Update on our purchase
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From: "Gidlof, Drew" <>
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I wanted to give you an update on our dog we purchased from you over two
years ago. Rubie, her father is Kona and we picked her up in December
2002. Her mom, I can not remember her name, is from the family in

Rubie is doing great and looks a lot like her dad. She has the pride of
her father. We had to put our twelve year old yellow lab down on Friday
so Rubie has been kind of sad these past few days. I call her my
Fishing Dog. She goes out in the boat with me and kicks to enjoy the
ride or enjoy the sights. She will not let anybody near the boat while
where dogged or near my truck while I am loading the boat. It is as if
she is telling the "pirates" they better not board her boat or else.

I have attached a photo of Rubies from about two weeks ago. The pup is
my wife's dog that my daughter and I gave her for Mother's Day. She
(her name is Peanut and she is a Cockapoo) and Rubie are very close. In
one of the pictures she is saying Mahalo for a belly rub

Do you still have Kona? I see that you retired the young man.

I have told several people about your operation and web site. I enjoy
checking your site once or twice a week.

Drew Gidlof, I.T. Manager
City of West Sacramento
916-617-4520 Office line
916-372-8765 Fax line
916-919-4881 Mobile

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