Stargate Kennels Puppy Families!
We love to hear from our puppy families! Here's several pages of emails and pictures of our beautiful chocolate lab puppies we have received over the years. I have a lot more to post, if you have emailed us recently and are looking for your post, I apologize. I will get to yours as soon as I can get to it, seems there is just not enough hours in the day sometimes! For those of you considering a Stargate puppy, all but a couple of these posts have the contact email listed. Please feel free to ask anyone about their puppies and about Stargate Kennels. The first picture below is yours truly, taken by Sharon Oosterman as I presented them with their new puppy Koko. The latest feedback is at the end of the pages found here NEWEST POSTS then click on the PREVIOUS PAGE links to back up through the pages. Or just start on the link below to browse all the pages.

And this is how we travel. David and Myrna in the front seat,
and a wagon full of puppies, puppy food, water, shavings and
supplies in the back. Our puppies leave their littermates and go
directly into the arms of their new families, no crates, no luggage
holds, no airplane, no freight dock, no forklifts, no crying, no stress.
Thanks to Peggy Kempton for the photo and her email followup!


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