This litter born 6/29/99.
This is Cindy (Sincere Gambol)
I am retiring her from breeding, so
this is her last litter.  She has produced
my very best puppies.

This litter weighed from 11 to 14 ounces at birth.
Whelping began at 8:30 am on 6/29/99 and ended at 6:30
pm the same day.  All were active and vigourous, and
none needed any assistance from me.  There are 8 females
and 3 males.  One of Bud and Cindys earilier offspring is pictured
in the New Owners page about 3/4 down, Jon & Caleigh at
age 5 months.  Caleigh was the small female in her litter.

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