This is Sophies November 2004 litter .
Very large, dark, beautiful puppies, ready for new homes.
Sired by Dakota.
New owners have a look at your puppy!
Male 14.3 lbs
Playful, cautiously curious,
good nose, nice head,
average energy level.
Good kids/family dog,
loves attention.
Male 13.0 lbs
Explorer - no fear
Playful and curious
Good hunt/retrieve
prospect. Fun
active puppy.
Higher energy level.
Male 16.0 lbs.
Gentle yet playful
Fairly easy going
Good kids dog
Good companion
A little lower energy
Male 17.6
Outgoing, social,
affectionate and curious,
Fairly laid back/
easy going.
Good kids dog
Good companion
Somewhat lower
energy level.
Male 14.6 lbs.
Easy going yet
still playful.
Gentle playmate
Probably make
a good hearth rug
in later years.
Very good kids
dog, especially
younger kids.
Male 13.2 lbs.
Very Socialized
Comes when called
Loves his toys
Playful and alert
Good family/older
kids puppy.
Hunt retrieve prospect
Higher energy level.
Female 14.6 lbs.
Large dark girl
Playful and affectionate
yet fairly easy going
Good nose
Dark and pretty.
Kids/Families/all ages.
Moderate energy level.

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