Solo's Puppies. (by JJ Star Gator)
Nearly 8 weeks old as pictured.
Female #3

Very active an playful. Full of energy. Loves people. Nosey.

15 lbs

Female #8

Curious and mellow. Posed for her picture. Very nice head. Good chance for a blocky head.

14.4 lbs

Male #1

Big laid back mellow hearth rug puppy. Going to look like his daddy

15 lbs

Male #2

The big boy! Friendly, outgoing, playful. Beautiful head. Seems to have a good nose. May look a little more like his grandpa Bud.

16.8 lb.

Male #4

Playful explorer. No fear. Good nose. People dog.

15.6 lb.

Male #5

Laid back and friendly. Posed for his pictures. Likes to cuddle and burrow under your arm to get his head scratched.

14.6 lbs.

Male #6

Big lover puppy. Likes to explore and comes back to be your lap dog. Seems to have a good nose.

16.6 lbs

Male #7

Likes to play, but has a gentle calm personality. Rub my tummy and we're friends for life!

14.8 lbs.

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