This is Rosie's 2005 litter .
Healthy and rambunctious ready for new homes.
Sired by Gus.
New owners have a look at your puppy!
Male 11.2 lbs
Curious, Nosey
Has a mellow side
Good with kids
of any age.
Male 13.0 lbs
Moderately playful
Likes attention
but definitely has a
mellow side
He likes to sleep
next to the food dish
in case he wants a
little snack!
Good with kids,
any age.
Male 9.3 lbs
Loves to play
Curious explorer
Slightly above
average energy
level. Good nose
Hunt/retrieve prospect
Good with
kids above 2 years
old or active families.
Supervise with little
kids. May be a little
to eager to play.
Male 10.4 lbs.
Very curious
Fearless explorer
Playful mouth dog
Good nose
Best hunt/retrieve
prospect in this bunch
Kids over 2 and
active family will
be best for him.
Male 11.4 lbs
Shy at first
Gentle playmate
Fairly mellow
but plays well
once he gets going.
Fine with families/
kids any age group.
Male 11.0 lbs
Playful and curious
Likes his toys
Good curiosity
Good nose
Yet likes his
people contact.
Above average
energy level.
Kids over 2 or
supervise playtime
Female 11.0 lbs
First one to come!
Lover puppy
Gentle playmate
Loves attention
Good with kids of
any age.
A sweet puppy!
Female 11.2 lbs
A little shy at first
People dog
Cautiously curious
Gentle playmate
Good family
and kids dog.
About average
energy level.
Female 10.8 lbs
Very nosey
People dog
Curious and smart
Eager playmate
Good family
and kids dog.
A bit above average
energy level.
Best hunt prospect
among the girls.
Male 11.5 lbs
A little easy going
People dog
Curious explorer
Gentle playmate
Good family
and kids dog.
About average
energy level.
Might be a part
time hunt/retriever.
Male 11.5 lbs
Fun Puppy!
Definitely a mouth dog
Fearless explorer
Ball dog
Possibly dry land
retriever as well.
Kids above 2 years
and active family best
for this guy.
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