Chocolate Labrador Retrievers
Stargate Kennels presents . . .
Rosie's January 04 puppies 2 weeks old
Sire: Java Dame: Stargates Rosebud

The family photo:
Saturday Morning Breakfast!

`I picked this little guy as a photo model. Rosie had just finished nursing and everybody was asleep. Eyes opened up for the first time on Thursday. Almost walking. Feet work fine, but the belly still scoots.

This puppy has the blocky head look. Wide forehead, shorter muzzle, and too much skin between his eyes and his nose. This little guy should end up looking like Roads Bud, his granddaddy.

Put him down on the kitchen counter, and it's back to sleep with a full tummy!

These guys have about tripled their weight in just 2 weeks. WOW!

Remind you of the full feeling after Thanksgiving dinner?!
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