The October 27, 1999 litter, five and a half weeks old.

Please forgive the color problems with photographs.  I had one of those days when everytime I started the photo session, the phone rang, or someone came to the door, and by the time I was actually taking photos, I lost the sun and had to switch to flash.  Digital cameras are nice, but for accurate color, full sun is really needed. The color most  accurate is the upper left, taken in full sun.  The next were taken without sun and the rest with flash.  Some of the puppies look really sleepy.  Nap time came around sunset also, and I had to wake them up to take their pictures.  Some days just go like that.  Hopefully you will be able to see what their faces look like.

#1 Male puppy, 6.25 lbs.
This is the blockiest head.  He's also the one of the two biggest.  He plays a lot, but is pretty easy going.  Usually found on the bottom of the pile.

#2 Male, 5 lbs
This guy is abit of a rascal.  He seems to be a mouth dog, carries his treasures around.  Also likes to ambush his litermates and is very active.  People oriented.  Likes attention.  Very quick.

#3 Female 4lbs
This is a feisty female.  Loves to play.  First to start the play session and last to stop. Also, very curious. An explorer.

#4 Female 4lbs
Definitely a people dog.  First to greet me when I open the kennel gate. Very curious. Also gentle.  She gets picked on by her littermates, but when she's had enough, she gives them what for.

#5 Male 4.5 lbs.
This guy is absolutely fearless.  Sticks his nose wherever it goes. Hard time getting him to sit still for pictures.  Explores everything.  Perpetual motion.

#6 Female 4lbs
Playful, but does not usually start the play session.  Also quite a people dog. She's another snuggler.  This one is is a little gentler than the rest.  Maybe the most vocal of the group.  Likes to run.

#7 Female 4.25 lbs
Definietly an explorer.  Her nose just has to smell everything.  She also bugs everyone to play.  If the pile is sleeping and she wants to play, she jumps on top and pulls an ear or two.

#8 Male 6.25 lbs
Here's the big laid back puppy.  After puppyhood, this could be your next hearth rug.  Likes to play, but is not the instigator.  Lays on his back and the others pile on and he's having fun.

#9 Female 5 lbs
Largest female, and another perpetual motion machine.  This one bounces like a Tigger.  Had to hold her (my finger in the photo) to get her still enough for a photo.  Also very curious about everything.  A real go getter

#10 Male 5.25 lbs
This guy is an explorer, very playfull and knows not the meaning of fear.  Unfortunately, he was sleeping so well, I could hardly get him to stand up for his picture. When he's awake he's into everything.

#11 Female 4 lbs
This one's another cuddler, a people lover, but in the puppy pen she's very active and playful.  Likes to jump on her bigger brothers.  They get her down and she hollers.  They let her go and she jumps them again!

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