This is Mocha's 2005 Christmas litter .
Healthy and rambunctious ready for new homes.
Sired byBuddy.
New owners have a look at your puppy!
1. Female
A little smaller in size.
Lover puppy. Curious
energetic and playful.
Good nose. Good with active
kids 2yrs up.
Hunt prospect.
2. Male
Mellow boy.
Lick your face.
Playful, gentle hearth
rug prospect.
Good with everybody,
cats dogs or people.
3. Female
A bit larger than most.
Cautious explorer.
Happy tail wagger.
Good nose.
Good with kids all ages.
4. Male
One of the larger boys.
Very curious, good nose.
Loves to play, won’t quit.
Fun, happy puppy.
Good with kids
and families.
5. Male
A bit the larger.
More on the calm side,
but likes to play.
May be just a little
shy at fiirst.
Good with kids, any age.
6. Female.
Very playful and loving.
Curious, explorer.
Smart and a lot of fun.
Family dog,
hunt/retrieve prospect.
Best with kids above 2.

7. Female
Very playful.
Fearless explorer.
A little smaller.
Very affectionate.
Very smart.
Kids any age.
8. Male
Larger size.
Cautious explorer.
A little shy and on
the mellow side at
first, but warms
up quickly.
Good family/kids
dog, all ages.
9. Male
Larger size.
Lover puppy.
Moderate curiosity.
Playful and smart.
Families and kids all ages.
Might be a hunt/retrieve
10. Male
Medium size.
Gentle playmate.
Cautious explorer.
A bit shy at first,
but not for long.
Kids and families
all ages.
11. Female
Playful, no fear.
Curious explorer.
Very fun puppy.
Quite active.
Very smart.
Kids 2 and up.

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