This is Midge's 2003 litter.
She had 12 puppies and they're ready for new homes.
A beautiful litter sired by Gunner Steel.

New owners have a look at your puppy! 2 puppies were kept by the breeders, These are the 10 available. Color differences are due more to the sun coming and going on a partly cloudy day. Color is fairly even in this litter

Puppy #1
Male 14 lbs.
People puppy
Water dog
Easy going.
Puppy #2
Male 14 lbs.
Very smart
Quite active
Hunt/retrieve prospect
Puppy #3
Male 13 lbs
Fun puppy
Excited to see you
Smart and upbeat
Loves the water.
Puppy #4
Male 12 lbs.
Already fetching
Very curious
A lover puppy
Always on the move.
Good outdoorsman
dog. Better with adults.
Puppy #5
Male 12 lbs.
Definitely an explorer
Fetchs stick, ball, etc
Very playful.
Smart and eager
to please.
Good kids dog.
Puppy #6
Female 9 lbs.
Quite vocal
Definitely a pistol!
Very smart
Eager to play.
Better with older
Puppy #8
Female 11.5 lbs.
Easy going
Fairly laid back
but still likes to play.
A lover dog.
Wannabe lap dog.
Puppy #9
Female 11 lbs.
People dog
Happy personality.
Gentle and
quite curious.
A hearth rug dog.
Puppy #11
Female 11 lbs.
Fairly easy going
Curious, explores
Likes to fetch.
Definitely a cutie!
Puppy #12
Female 10 lbs
Sweet people pleaser
Likes to play ball
but will tease you \
with it.
Good kids puppy.

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