The May 16, 1999 Litter

Roads Bud x Gambol On A Star (Henna)

Colors not too accurate. Getting used to a new camera.
All these are sold.  If you have a deposit in, then here's
a look at Henna's litter.  Next litter due tomorrow, 6/29/99.

Female 1, 8.5 lbs. Gentle, laid back.

1st Pick-Gone Female 2, 9lbs  Curious, explorer.

Female 3, 7.25 lbs Go-Gettor, A real pistol.

Male 1, 7,25lbs Very playful, can't sit still.

Male 2, 8.25lbs, Explorer, nose dog.

Male 3, 8.5lbs Easy going. Scratch my tummy.

 Male 4, 8.5lbs Curious, busy, nose dog.

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