This is Krystal's 2004 litter .
Sweet puppies, ready for new homes.
Sired by Dakota.
New owners have a look at your puppy!
Forgive the lighting. No sunshine and variable clouds.
These are generaly darker than they appear here.
Female 7.7lbs
First to come,
Active and playful
A lover puppy
Above average
energy level.
Good kids puppy.
Female 9.9lbs
Playful and active
Fairly inquisitive
People oriented
Good with kids
any age.
Possible hunt prospect.
Female 11.0 lbs.
Fairly laid back
Very happy puppy
yet a little shy at times
Good with any
family situation
About average
energy level.
Female 11.7
Cautious explorer
Lover puppy
Good kids/family dog
Comes when called
People dog
Loves attention.
Good kids dog.
Male 11.7
Easy going
Pretty laid back
Good people dog.
Medium to lower
energy lever
Kids any age.
Hearth rug prospect.
Male 7.7 lbs.
Active and curious
Comes when called
Quite smart
Playful lover
Good famil/young
kids puppy.
Above average energy
Male 9.0 lbs.
Sweet puppy
Fairly playful
Good nose, curious
Kids/Families/all ages.

10.1 lbs.
Hearth rug prospect
Easy going,
Gentle playmate
Good with kid
any age.
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