This is Krystal's 2005 litter .
Healthy and rambunctious ready for new homes.
Sired by Dakota.
I apologize for the quality of the pics. Just too hot to take
these little guys outside. And the reason they look so sleepy
is because they were sleeping, stretched out in the puppy
pen when I came to take pictures. So here are your sleepy puppies!
New owners have a look at your puppy!
Female 8.4 lbs
Quite active
Enthusiastic explorer
Better with kids over
2 years old. May
be just a little too
rambunctious for
younger children
unless supervised.
Female 10.8 lbs
Playful and curious
No fear
Good nose
Good kids dog
Best with an
active family
Slightly above
average energy
Female 7.0 lbs
A little shy at first
but warms up quickly
Gentle playmate
Cautious explorer
Slightly below
average energy
level. Good with
kids any age.
Male 11.5 lbs.
Lover puppy
Fairly mellow
Smart Gentle
Cautious explorer
Loves attention
Good kids dog
Any age group
Male 11.7 lbs
Playful explorer
Good nose
Very curious
No fear. Fun puppy
Good with kids
but might be a bit
too active for
kids under 2.
Male 7.9 lbs
Gentle playmate
Cautious explorer
Loves attention but
can be just a little
shy at first. Good
with kids, any age.
Male 9.9 lbs
Curious explorer
No fear, goes anywhere
Quite playful
Good nose
Hunt/retrieve prospect
Good family dog.
Good with kids,
most any age.
Male 8.4lbs
Bright and cheerful
People dog
Wannabe lap dog
Active playmate
Good family
and kids dog.
Smart and curious
Above average
energy level.
Male 8.8 lbs
Gentleboy shy at first
but when you gain
his trust, he love
your attention.
Good family
and kids dog.
A little below average
energy level.
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