Female #1

This is the little one. Weighed 11oz at birth, and 5 lbs at 6 weeks. She is a lover dog. Very active. Good nose. Very well socialized. She is sooooo cute! Everyone wants to play with her.

 Female #2

Definitely a nose dog. Explores with her nose stuck to the ground. Curious. Somewhat independent. May be a good hunting prospect. Likes the ball. 6 lbs.

 Female #3

This pup is a little more mellow. Likes tug of war with a sock, but may end up laying down and chewing the sock if no one else wants to play. She also comes when called most of the time. 5.75 lbs.

 Female #4

This one is definitely a lover dog, easy going, may be a hearth rug after puppyhood is over. Likes to play, but would rather lick your face. Seems to have a good nose. 6.25 lbs.

 Female #5

We have perpetual motion here! Very curious. Explores with gusto. She'll go over it, under it, around it or thru it, but she'll ge where she's going! Somewhat independent, if she's busy, you're ignored. 5.25 lbs.

 Female #6

Another independent puppy. Of the bunch, she seems to notice things happening further away. Good nose. Likes to explore. Biggest female. 6.5 lbs. Probably will be in the 65-70 lb range full grown.

 Male #1

Large puppy. Very active. Plays a lot, both tug of war and tennis ball. Definitely a nose dog and an explorer, but ususally comes when called. Weighed in at 8.5 lbs at 6 weeks. Should reach 100+ when grown. 

 Male #2

Very playful. This is the dominant male of this litter. Definitely uses his nose. Explores fearlessly. Likes tug of war. Can rip the sock. 8.25 lbs. Should also be close to 100 or better when grown.

 Male #3

This is the big boy. He is surprisingly gentle with his littermates. Loves to play, but does not miss a meal. Good explorer. People dog. Scratch my tummy and I'll be your friend for life. 9 lbs. Should be 100+lbs, maybe 110+.

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