Female #1-C0  

Very pretty face.  She's a big solid puppy. Easy going but quite curious. She kept carrying around an old leaf while I was trying to get a photo. Quite persistant about it.
8.25 lbs 6 weeks old.

Female #2-C1

This little girl is a pistol.  Always on the go. Nose to the ground. Explores everything, no fear.  I think she might make a good retriever, maybe even a dry land pointer. 7.25 lbs 6 weeks old.

 Female #3-NC

Here's my lover puppy. Hard to keep her nose off the camera lense, lick your face every chance she gets. Very curious and playful. 6.75 lbs 6 weeks old.

 Male #1-C0

This my little boy pistol puppy.  A bundle of energy. Very playful.  Was barking at me while I was on the ground taking his picture. Lots of nose, sniffing out everything. 6.75 lbs 6 weeks old.

 Male #2-C1

I got a side shot of this little guys head. Of all the pups here, he's the best shot at a nice blocky head. He looks a lot like his grandsire, Bud. Easy going, curious puppy.  People dog, constantly underfoot. 5.75 lbs 6 weeks old.

 Male #3-NC

This is the big boy. He is surprisingly gentle with his littermates. Loves to play, but does not miss a meal. Hearth rug prospect. People dog. Scratch my tummy and I'll be your friend for life. Could top 100+ lbs.
9.25 6 weeks old.

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