This is Ellie's 2005 litter born 02.09.05 .
Healthy and rambunctious ready for new homes.
Sired by Dakota. Please forgive the indoor flash shots.
Eyes are uniformly blue in color at this time, but will all
change to the yellow/hazel color as adults.
Weights are approximate. Digital scale on the fritz. We used the bathroom scale.
New owners have a look at your puppy!
Male 14 lbs
Playful, Affectionate
Curious, smart
A little above average
energy level.
Hunter prospect.
Male 14 lbs
Mellow puppy
Wannabe lap dog
People lover
Best hearth
rug prospect
Good family
and kids dog.
Below average
energy level.
Male 13 lbs
Very playful
No fear
Good nose
Good kids dog
Best with an
active family
Slightly above
average energy
Male 13 lbs.
Lover puppy
Smart and Gentle
Very social, loves company
Likes his toys
Good kids dog
Female 10 lbs
Intelligent, not alpha type but
will definitely hold her own.
Good curiosity
A little above average energy
level. Good family dog.
Good hunter prospect
Good nose.
Female 11 lbs
Playful and affectionate
Laid back, easy going
personality but
still loves attention.
Well socialized, good kids
and family dog, especially
with very young children.
Hearth rug prospect.
Female 11 lbs
Easy going mellow
lover puppy. Below
average energy level.
Affectionate kids and
family dog, yet still
likes her toys.
Very socialized.
Female 10 lbs
Bright and cheerful people dog
Enthusiastic playmate
Good family
and kids dog, but may be
a little to rambunctious
for very young children.
Above average
energy level. A really
fun puppy. Good nose
Possible hunt prospect.
Female 10 lbs
Mellow and gentle
A hearth rug prospect
Very social, good kids
and family dog, kids
of all ages. Likes her toys
and likes her tummy scratched.
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