This is Cocoa's 2003 litter.
She had 14 puppies and they're ready for new homes.
A beautiful litter sired by Gunner Steel.
New owners have a look at your puppy!
Puppy #7
Male 9 lbs.
Happy puppy
Eager to please.
Puppy #8
Female 6 lbs.
Nose dog
Very much a
people dog
Puppy #9
Female 8.5 lbs
Fun puppy
Excited to see you
Smart and upbeat
Eager to please.
Puppy #10
Female 10 lbs.
Big bouncy girl
Fun loving
In to everything
Classic Lab face
Puppy #11
Female 9.5 lbs.
Definitely an explorer
Nose checks out everything
Hunt prospect.
Smart and eager
to please.
Puppy #12
Male 7 lbs.
Little guy but
definitely a pistol!
Very smart
Eager to play.
Puppy #13
Female 11.5 lbs.
Easy going
Fairly laid back
but still likes to play.
Hearth rug prospect.
Puppy #14
Female 9 lbs.
People dog
Happy personality.
Playful and
quite curious.
A little on the
mellow side.
Puppy #15
Male 7lbs.
Here's our "talker"
Very energetic,
Curious, explores
Lots of fun!
Puppy #16
Male 5.5 lbs
Our Little Guy
He's a gentle
lover puppy.
Licks your face
every chance he gets.
Smart and playful
but still cuddles.
Puppy #17
Male 8 lbs
Very energetic
Loves to play
Curious explorer
Possible hunt prospect.
Puppy #18
Male 9 lbs.
Very curious
Explores everything
People dog
Good kids puppy.
Puppy #19
Female 8 lbs.
Mellow, gentle
Very loving.
Easy going
and a little quieter
than the rest.
(But not much!)
Puppy #20
Female 6.5
Playful and smart
People dog.
Tug of war expert.
Good kids puppy.
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