This is Calas Christmas 03 litter
Spoiled already, ready to be spoiled more.
A beautiful litter sired by Rebal.

New owners have a look at your puppy!
Female #1
Very active.
A bit of a scaredecat.
Sometimes startles at
big leaves falling!
Really fun puppy.

Female 2
Good people dog.
Pretty good nose.
Female 3
Very affectionate.
Likes your fuzzy slippers.
Good nose.
Female 4
Fairly easygoing.
A little shy at first, but playful.
With a little coaxing joins right in.
Should be a very loyal
loving companion for
someone who will devote
quality time to her.
Female 5
Nose dog.
Explores everything.
On the go.
No fear.
Hunt/retreive prospect.
Likes her toys!
Female 6
Quite active,
Very playful
lover puppy
good with active
family. Will need
her exercise and
playtime to be happy.
Female 7
Playful but likes to snuggle too.
Good with kids.
Wannabe lap dog.
Likes her toys
Fairly active.
Female 8
Likes her toys,
Playful but also has
mellow moments.
Good family/kids dog.
Ball dog.
Mouth dog.

Male 9
He's a pistol.
Feisty, Beware pantlegs
and shoelaces! Hes got a
little white dot on his chest,
not uncommon in chocolates.
Of the males, best hunt prospect.
Will need his exercise to be happy.
Loves to play, anytime
except nap time
Male 10
Little pistol.
Loves to play.
Tug of war.
Attacks the leaves and shoelaces
This one is a bundle of fun.
and a lot of laughs!
Male 11
Very laid back.
Hearth rug.
Nice head.
Not much interested
in the ball or the toys
Food dish is his favorite place.
Male 12
Also hearth rug prospect.
A little more curious.
A bit more playful
Not a total couch potato,
but he's staked out his spot!
Missing left front toenail.
Momm nipped him at birth.
Vet says might or
might not grow back.
Toe is fine.
Male 13
Easy going, but playful.
Likes his toys.
Nothing much bothers him.
Good kids dog, even quite
young children, I think.
A steady boy.
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