Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Lab Puppies

Our second litter is owned by Sarah and Steven in Benecia.
The sire is Dozer and the dame is Brizzy. This may be the last
litter from Dozer. If you like his looks and want a large dark
athletic lab with a good chance of hunting as well as being a
wonderful family companion, now it the time to get your deposit in!
Nine puppies total, but Sarah is keeping a girl.

Newborn photo!

What a difference at just 3 weeks old!!

We're just trying to get some shuteye!
I have deposits available for males and females. I will be
offering nationwide delivery on this litter. Depost,
selection and delivery details here.
Put your email address HERE
so you'll know when breeding happens, puppies
are born and pictures are ready for viewing.
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