Female #1-F2Ca


Gentle and playful. Very sweet and good natured. Somewhat inquisitive.  Posed for her picture before licking the photographer ear.

Female #2-FC0

7.25 lbs.

Fairly calm.  Explorer, seems to have a good nose. Sweet personality and a very pretty face.

Female #3-FC1

6.75 lbs

Very alert. Notices everything.  Playful, but a little cautious. Posed for her pictures before heading for the garden at a dead run.

Female #4-FC2

8lbs (almost)

She wiggled so much was hard to weigh her. Very sweet and good natured. Gentle, but quite curious.  Kept wandering off camera.

 Female #5-FNC


Here's my little lover puppy. Hard to keep her nose off the camera lense, lick your face every chance she gets. Very curious and playful. She's a real pistol!

 Male #1-MC0


Gorgeous puppy.  Beautiful head. Looks like his papa (Bud) did as a puppy. Curious. People dog.  Nose in everything. Easy going personility.

 Male #2-MC0S

6.75 lbs

Definitely a playful people dog.  Good nose. Exploring everything. Easy going nice personality. Very nice head.

 Male #3-MC1

7.5 lbs

This is the big boy. He is surprisingly gentle with his littermates. Loves to play.
Good nose. Mellow gentle personality.  Nose seems to work well.  It was travelling all over the yard during photos.

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