Blu's Available Puppies.

Sorry I'm so late in getting these done. Couldn't line up a helper, and an extra pair of hands is almost a necessity. I cheated here. Got them up from their afternoon nap and stood them up in a box to get these pictures of their faces and heads. So, if you think they look a little sleepy, it's full bellies, nap time, getting pulled out of a nice cool dark puppy pen into a bright sunny warm day to get their portraits done. Yup, the eyes are open, but they're really not awake!

Male Puppy #1

Nosey and an explorer, but gentle and easy going.

Medium sized at 7.8lbs.

Male Puppy #2

Playful and curious but likes his nap

A little larger size at 8.4 lbs

Male #3

Nosey little snooper plays well but likes to cuddle too.

Smaller at 5.8lbs.

Male #4

Nice head. Big. Could be your hearth rug dog, Mellow.

Large at 9.6lbs

Male #5

Monster Puppy easy going, mellow, doesn't miss a meal! Nice head.

Biggest at 10.4 lbs

Female #6

Curious. Nosey. Likes people, demands your attention

Larger at 7.8lbs.

Female #7

Big Female! Nice head. Mellow, but still likes to play.

Largest Female at 8.8lbs

Male #8

Feisty! Very energetic. Loves to run and play. Jumps on his bigger littermates and then gets creamed! Comes back for more.

Smaller at 6.4lbs.

Male #9

The Little Guy. Very people oriented. Gentle and shy. I think he'll blossom into a inquisitive smart pup when he's away from the litter. Right now he's somewhat overwhelmed by his big littermates.


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