This is Ashley's second litter, 9 weeks old.
Some nice heads and good personalities.
A beautiful litter sired by Gunner Steel.

New owners have a look at your puppy!
#1 Female
15 lbs
Cute Lover
Sweet Girl Baby
Happy people dog.
Her nickname is
#2 Female
18 lbs.
Even temperament
She's a real talker!
Very smart and people
#3 Male
17 1/2 lbs
Gentle explorer
Curious and Playful
Very athletic.
#4 Female
14 1/2 lbs.
This is her Mommies
girl. Looks just like Ashley
She's a smart firecracker and
a favorite at Jims house.
Very People Oriented.
#5 Male
17 lbs
Curious Explorer
No Fear
Alert and smart
A good ball/frisbee puppy.
#6 Female
15 lbs
Mellow and
Easy Going.
Quick learner
Excellent companion.
#7 Female
15 1/2 lbs
Happy puppy
Very inquisitive
A good kids puppy.
#8 Male
16 lbs
Playful and active
Will be a ball chaser
People dog
Quick learner.

#9 Male
18 lbs
Gentle lover puppy
Excellent companion
Hearth rug prospect
but he still likes to play.
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