This is Annies August 03 litter
Healthy and rambunctious ready for new homes.
A beautiful litter sired by Dozer.

New owners have a look at your puppy!
Female A
6.2 lbs
Very Social
Easy going
Good kids dog

Female B
6.6 lbs.
People dog
Lovable tease
Female C
7.1 lbs
Gentle explorer
Curious and Playful
Probably the best
hearth rug female
Kind of laid back.
Male D
7.3 lbs.
Good nose
People dog
Playful yet
has his laid back
Male E
4.6 lbs
Our little guy
Curious Explorer
No Fear
A little fireball
A sneaky clown
Loves attention
Male F
7.3 lbs
Good nose
Playful esplorer
Very alert
Good hunt prospect
Male G
6.4 lbs
Pretty easy going
but likes to play.
Very social
Good kids dog
Good nose
Good hunt prospect
as well.
#Male H
7.2 lbs
Very curious
Explores with his nose
Nice head
Playful yet has
mellow moments
Loves attention.

Male I
7.5 lbs
Good Kisser!
Mouth dog
No Fear
Very playful
Should retrieve
with gusto.
Male J
6.2 lbs
Easy going
Laid back yet
likes to explore
Nice block head
Good kids dog.
Male K
6.0 lbs
Clever and smart
Curious about everything
Very alert
Watches the sky
Hunt/retrieve prospect
Loves attention
Male L
8.2 lbs
Our big guy
Pretty mellow but
likes to explore
Seems to have a good nose
Nice head
Good family dog.
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