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Your New Puppy!

Getting ready for your puppy's first homecoming.

I highly recommend crate training your puppy. You will need a crate, details here Crate Training.

I recommend Nutro Natural Large Breed Puppy. Get the big bag, you'll need it! Feeding.

A bowl for water and one for food. I really like the heavy ceramic or stoneware bowls. Hard to knock over, shove, or otherwise spill. And they can go right in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes.

Now the fun stuff!!!! Toys are great. Simple can be best. An old sock with a knot tied in it. Used tennis balls. SHORT piece of rope. Or if you are into really spoiling him, your local pet store will be very pleased to provide a huge choice of toys. Select one toy from several types. Pull/tugowar toys. Fetch toys. Squeaky toys. Hard chew toys (no splintering toys, please). Half a dozen will do. Then watch him as he plays. He will quickly find a favorite, and of course you can get him more of that particular style.

You need to "puppy proof" your house, or the areas of your house where your puppy will be allowed to roam. Puppies are a lot like babies. New interesting stuff goes right into the mouth. If you are not ready, you can lose valuables (shoes, slippers, anything within his reach). Block off access to areas he may not use (that nice oriental rug, for instance, or the antique furniture in the living room!) at least until he is thoroughly housebroken and his chewing habits are under control. There are good puppy gates available to help, but avoid "baby" gates. The spacing may be wrong for a puppy and he could strangle. Lots of styles and check out the "scat mat" Order online, or pick up at your local store

Finally, read my Poisons and Hazards page Poisons and Hazards

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